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Successful Strategies For Keeping Valued Employees (Downloadable Version Only!)

Successful Strategies For Keeping Valued Employees
Successful Strategies For Keeping Valued Employees
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As organizations face a shrinking skilled labor pool and increased competition for talent, the ability to retain high-performing employees will be a key to survival. "Our only competitive advantage is having talented people," says Jim Wall, national director of human resources at Deloitte & Touche, an accounting firm based in New York City. Retention issues are vital. Organizations devote tremendous resources to attracting and hiring good people, yet they must be just as diligent about retaining them. Effective retention strategies must be based on one common theme: enhancing employee performance and loyalty! A firm earns loyalty by creating a positive working environment that is stimulating and emphasizes employee growth. Today, loyalty is sustained through an organizational culture that encourages motivation, energy, and innovation, and that accommodates employees' needs and lifestyles.