Dr. Bob's Online Assessments

Based on his doctoral work on the use of employee recognition, Dr. Bob has developed two tools to survey employees, develop managers, and help implement more effective motivational practices!

1) The Recognition Practices Inventory (RPI) is is a tool for your organization to better understand what forms of recognition your employees want and are receiving and what forms of recognition your managers believe are important to your employees and that they are providing. To measure this The Recognition Practices Inventory (RPI) is divided into two parts, each which compliments the other: The Recognition Practices Inventory for Employees (RPIE) asks employees to prioritize 50 specific recognition items by Importance to them and Frequency that they currently receive those items from their immediate manager. The Recognition Practices Inventory for Managers (RPIM) asks managers to rank the same 50 recognition items in terms of what they believe is important to their employees and the frequency they think they currently use the recognition items listed. 10 person minimum.

2) Also based on his doctoral work on the use of employee recognition, Dr. Bob developed the Organizational Recognition Assessment for Managers (ORAM) as a tool for organizations to determine WHY their managers use or do not use recognition when managing their employees. It provides a useful foundation for examining the beliefs, experiences, and conditions that encourage or inhibit the use of recognition in an organization that can then be reaffirmed, modified, or changed as needed to build a more positive and productive work environment. Based upon managers' anonymous answers, this assessment will tell you whether your managers believe recognition is important for them to be practicing, whether they believe your organization provides enough support for proper recognition, whether they believe recognition affects job performance, as well as a host of other factors. All questions fall into six dimensions: Recognition's Impact on Performance, Beliefs about Recognition, Ability to Do Recognition, Passion for Recognition, Organizational Support for Recognition, and Organizational Context for Recognition. 10 person minimum.

Once you place your order a representative from Nelson Motivation will contact you with more information and work out a time to take the assessment online.