Companies Don't Succeed, People Do!
50 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Companies Don't Succeed, People Do! <br>50 Ways to Motivate Your Team
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"It was Voltaire, the 17th Century French philosopher, who first observed "Common sense is not so common." With the centuries that have passed since then, life has become exponentially more complex, continually amplified by the explosion of media and technology. Choices--initially freeing--have become oppressive in most of our lives, constantly distracting us from our best intentions. The gap between "knowing" and "doing" has consequently grown to become an abyss. In my professional speaking I frequently find myself telling leaders: "I know you can do these things we are discussing; the question is Will you do them?" This is why I am so excited about the Simple Truths books. They package core insights that can best help us all be more effective in our lives in a format that makes those insights easily digestible and actionable. They are thoughtful and thought provoking, allowing us to ponder those kernels of wisdom we can immediate benefit from right now. I'm proud to have created a book for this exceptional series and am confident you will be equally as proud to own, reflect upon, and share these books with those you most care about."

Bob Nelson, PhD, Author, Companies Don't Succeed, People Do! 50 Ways to Motivate Your Team