Getting Top Management Personally Involved

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Getting Top Management Personally Involved
Getting Top Management Personally Involved
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One issue that comes up frequently as I work with different organizations around the country is how to win top management's support and involvement in recognition programs and activities. With top management's commitment, recognition programs have much more credibility and participation from line managers. Without top management's support, recognition programs and activities are usually considered optional. With active support, activities take on a new urgency. For example, Ron Kiripolsky, former president of a 500-person division of PSA Airlines (now part of USAir), used to empty the suggestion box every day, read each suggestion, and meet with the employees and their supervisors that same day to discuss the suggestions and implementation details. As you might guess, it was a very successful program for PSA. Following are some guidelines that can help you involve top management in your program. This publication is ONLY available in a downloadable format.

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