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Positive Accountability
Positive Accountability
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Have you ever noticed that "accountability" is a negative word? It's always used in a way that seems to force someone against his or her will to do something he or she wouldn't otherwise do: "We're going to hold them strictly accountable for their actions!" or "I expect you to be held accountable for your mistakes." If the person or persons were not caught, there would be absolutely no chance they would have done what they were expected to do.

Webster's dictionary defines "accountability" as "obligated to account for one's acts; responsible." Obligated? Again, the negative. "Responsible" is defined as "a condition, quality, fact, or instance of being responsible; obligation, accountability, dependability, etc." It's not until you look at Definition #4 that a glimmer of the positive starts to emerge: "Able to distinguish between right and wrong and to think and act rationally; readily assuming obligations, duties, etc.; dependable; reliable." Such is the case in real life, as well: It takes effort to see that accountability is a positive concept.