Techniques for Maintaining Commitment (Downloadable Version Only!)

Techniques for Maintaining Commitment
Techniques for Maintaining Commitment
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I'm increasingly intrigued by what keeps managers from acting on their best intentions to recognize employees on a more frequent basis. It seems that you can raise their level of awareness about the importance of recognizing employees and you can have them practice their interpersonal skills so that they have the ability and comfort level to recognize others, yet for more managers than not, the desired behavior will fall short of their intentions once they get back on the job. I'm convinced that the ratio of success could increase if we are able to find ways to help managers keep their commitment to their commitment, that is, to develop an individualized strategy and support plan that increases the likelihood that they will do something different. Following are some tactics that I've seen work for managers in various organizations. Try them, adapt them, combine them as you see fit for your circumstances--and the managers you are trying to influence.